connector Action Man DUKW


D.U.K.W. 1978

Period: Eagle Eyes

Dates: 1978

Cat No: 34739

D.U.K.W. Contents:


Lewis Gun and magazine

Lewis gun connecting clip


Steering Wheel

Sticker Sheet

Instruction Sheet

Equipment Manual?


DUKW Description:

The D.U.K.W. (commonly called / pronounced 'Duck') launched in 1978 Equipment Manual was a vehicle designed for Action Man, in unconventional shades of blue. Rival company Cherilea stole a march on it with a more authentic olive green version. The choice of colour by Palitoy remains is an enigma. The number plate was 03-AM-78 - denoting the year. They are not too common, and usually suffer from broken or missing windsheilds, and stickers which were not elaborate, nor waterproof. The name 'DUKW' is an acronym of sorts made up of Military code for build of vehicle. D denoted 1942, U denoted utility (amphibious in this case), K stands for all-wheel drive, W denotes 2 powered rear axles.


This amphibious six-wheeler vehcile is fairly robust - not too many are broken beyond practical use although the stickers are prone to spoiling (buy repro stickers here). It should come with a Lewiss gun with special clip and windscreens. The box gave seven stars to save against other gifts.

Action Man DUKW Box
(Image courtesy of Vectis Auctions) Action Man DUKW

Action Man DUKW in 1978 Manual showing windscreen

Action Man DUKW windscreen

Action Man DUKW
(Image courtesy of Vectis Auctions)

Action Man DUKW

Action Man DUKW contents in sealed bag. Note Lewis clip for mounting to hull top right. It is likely that the Transport Command Sticker may have come separately (as this was shared and common between vehicles of the period). Image courtesy of EagleEyeActionStation

Action Man DUKW

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Action Man DUKW Stickers