Combat Plane 1978

Period: Eagle Eyes

Dates: 1978 until c.1979

Cat No: 77007

Combat Plane Contents:

Jet Aircraft

Sticker Set

Equipment Manual

Action Man Combat Plane Description:

Action Man could take to the skies in a jet aircraft called the Action Man Task Force 'Combat Plane'. It's a rarity, especially if intact with original stickers and cockpit glass present. It was sold by Palitoy's General Sales from 1978. It does not appear in any of the standard Equipment Manuals. The much earlier Scramble Pilot (of a US flavour) would be most appropriate to use as a pilot for this aircraft, or maybe the Helicopter Pilot. The Battle of Britain Pilot was a WWII creation so inappropriate perhaps, and the Royal Air Force uniform was only that of (working dress) ground crew. It is not clear how long it was available for, but likely only a year or two because of it's rarity.


The cockpit is a delicate part and is often found broken, stickers can come adrift too. I similar looking jet that could be argues as superior was produced by a rival company Cherliea, who competed successfully for the action figure transport market during the same period at a better value price.

Action Man Combat Plane (image courtesy of Vectis Auctions)

Action Man Combat Plane

Action Man Combat Plane and Box

Action Man Combat Plane Box

Action Man Combat Plane with stickers correctly sited

Action Man Combat Plane

The Cherilea 'Jet Fighter' often mistaken for an Action Man aircraft. It included rocket launchers.
(image courtesy of The Saleroom)

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