Armoured Jeep 1981

Period: Eagle Eyes

Dates: 1981 until c1983

Cat No: 34753

Jeep Contents:


Jerry Cans

Netting cover


Wire Cutters

Twin Machine Guns

Sticker Set

Equipment Manual

Action Man Jeep Description:

"The famous multi-purpose Jeep vehicle". It was a tough, simple jeep and had with lots of play-value. The Palitoy UK version was right hand drive, but provision to switch this for other markets is obvious from studying the dashboard. In the 1981 an 'Armoured Jeep' based on this blow molded jeep dating from 1979, was launched with twin dash mounted Browning machine guns, netting, a few jerry cans and other accessories but notably with no windscreen.

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A blow molded Action Man Jeep first appears in the 1969 Equipment Manual with a more pinched nose and convex headlamps. An all-new version first debuted in 1978 (Infantry Support Jeep) with a stronger windshield than its forerunner and recessed headlamps (with stickers). It still suffered from issues with the most vulnerable part - the steering wheel - prone to breaking at the spokes or going missing. Other than this it is a fairly robust toy, unlike the super-fragile Landrover from the range. The spade is gold in the manual/poster which shows a pre-production mock up, but commonly supplied with green spage in line with production trends. The dashboard and number plate stickers can deteriorate with play but repros are available to restore. The Infantry Support Jeep - identifiable by a large howitzer on the back - preceeded this Armoured Jeep in 1979. The 1981 Armoured Jeep would use the opposite steering column mount hole, affixed forward of the passenger for the twin Browning machine guns and came super-accessorised with netting,straps, tools and jerry cans. Number plate read 04-AM-81

Action Man 'Armoured' Jeep of 1981 - note additions. Medic accessories from another set.

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Action Man Armoured Jeep

Action Man Jeep Armoured Jeep (1981)

Action Man Armoured Jeep

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