Amphicat 1978

Period: Eagle Eyes

Dates: 1978 until c.1980

Cat No: 77004

Amphicat Contents:


Sticker Sheet

Action Man Amphicat Description:

The Action Man Amphicat was available from 1978 from Palitoy General Sales and fitted within the Task Force range. It was an amphibious 'Big Value Vehicle' made by Irwin and carried 2 stars on its box. The vehicle is not too common as it did not feature in the Equipment Manuals, and therefore may have not been on the Christmas list.

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The Amphicat was a very tough 6 wheeler blow molded utility vehicle similar in appearance to the foregoing Powerhog. It was a most basic craft and came with a steering wheel and few stickers to dress it for action. Photos courtesy of Samantha Wood (String-fellows) and EagleEyeActionStation.

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Action Man Amphicat

Restored Action Man Amphicat front

Action Man Amphicat front

Restored Action Man Amphicat dash

Action Man Amphicat

Action Man Amphicat Box

Action Man Amphicat Stickers