81-MM Mortar 1969

Period: All Periods

Dates: 1967 until c.1983

Cat No: 34231

Action Man Bazooka

Action Man Bazooka:

81mm Mortar

3 x mortar shells

Equipment Manual


Bazooka Description:

The Action Man 81mm Mortar was available on separate equipment and accessory cards for many years and is very common. It first appears in the 1969 Action Man Equipment Manual all the way through to the last 1981 Action Man Equipment Manual. It was also part of the 34120 Infantry Support Weapons set.


The Action Man Mortar was a popular accessory. It had a spring action allowing it to fire silver plastic shells, of which three were supplied. A 'fire' chain and pin allowed diffrent angles of elevation for accurate mortar round placement. The pin chain end and the sight end are both prone to damage.

Action Man Mortar 34231

Action Man 81mm Mortar

Action Man Mortar 34231

Action Man Mortar

Action Man Maortar 34231

Action Man Mortar Information Leaflet